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Furry stuff

Yes, I am a furry, and the fact that you're here says, that so do you.

My fursona description

  • Name: Cysio
  • Species: Various canine and feline hybrid
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Fur: Milk coffee-brown, with slightly lighter snout
  • Face: Round, with golden eyes and slightly lighter, elongated snout, pink nose and fuzzy cheeks
  • Ears: Pointy, fuzzy, perked up, pink inside
  • Belly: Slightly chubby, fluffy, with a lighter, muzzle colored spot on the bottom
  • Upper limbs: Regular
  • Paws: Regular, with four retractable claws and pink pawpads
  • Lower limbs: Same as upper, digitigrade
  • Tail: Fluffy and long


In chronological order

Author: Big_Red_Hothead

First drawing of my fursona, and a free one. Slightly squirrelish, but that's a start.

Author: unknown

There was an attempt.

Author: @JekoDdragon

Premature birthday gift to brighten the pictured mood.

Author: J-Ollie

Another reddit fullbody, drawn in an interesting style.

Author: Typhfuun

Low-color bust, quite pretty and cute.

Author: MeeemWho

Really cute and beautiful avatar. Visible everywhere I have one, and also a logo of this site.

Author: Akaiko :3
Color correction: Mosi

Feral me, catching butterflies.

Author: Akaiko :3
Color correction: Mosi

Feral me, walking on all fours.

Author: Akaiko :3

My feral head.

Author: Akaiko :3

My feral refsheet drawn with a finger on a touchscreen.

Author: Akaiko :3

Badge before cutout and lamination.

Author: Vailins

Lineart of feral me.

Author: KawaiiKauwi

Me howling to the moon. Raffle prize. Was supposed to be for Halloween, but that was not possible, so it was later, which does not take away the beauty of this piece.

Author: Akaiko :3

Cute feral me on a cloud, watercolor.

Author: Katse93

A quite cute bust.

Author: LoneSkytower

An interesting sketch drawn in less than an hour.

Author: Sjru

Commissioned headshot.