Who am I?

I'm a casual and professional queer1 autistic software developer. I'm also a furry, my fursona being a walking, talking dogcat2. Politically, I'm a socialist3, and above all, I always stay silly.

    What do I do in my free time?


      Here's where I'd put my public projects, if I had them.



        • Name: Cysio
        • Species: Various canine and feline hybrid
        • Height: 2 m
        • Weight: 110 kg
        • Fur: Milk coffee-brown, with slightly lighter snout
        • Face: Round, with golden eyes and slightly lighter, elongated snout, pink nose and fuzzy cheeks
        • Ears: Pointy, fuzzy, perked up, pink inside
        • Belly: Slightly chubby, fluffy, with a lighter, muzzle colored spot on the bottom
        • Upper limbs: Regular
        • Paws: Regular, with four retractable claws and pink pawpads
        • Lower limbs: Same as upper, digitigrade
        • Tail: Fluffy and long


        Fursona image

        First drawing of my fursona, and a free one. Slightly squirrelish, but that's a start.

        Fursona image

        Low-color bust, quite pretty and cute.

        Fursona image

        Really cute and beautiful profile picture.

        Fursona image

        My feral refsheet drawn with a finger on a touchscreen.

        Fursona image

        Me howling to the moon. Halloween raffle prize.

        Fursona image

        Cute bust picture.

        Fursona image

        Commissioned headshot.

        Fursona image

        Commissioned Telegram SFW stickers.

        A fursona image themed "Fight with Pride". A feral orange catdog pouncing to the left, his teeth bared, with a bi flag cape draped over his neck.

        A "Fight With Pride" themed commission. Wanted a bi flag as my clothing and described my fighting style as "biting".

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